Love Letters

“William Herod is an incredible designer with a depth of vision that makes even the most drab professional work dynamic and compelling. He’s also a customer service star. He has served us with grace, patience, and a wonderful sense of humor. I look forward to working with him on future projects and I would happily recommend him to anyone who might need graphic design services.” – Maureen Jann, Intrepid Learning


“Our experience with William Herod has spanned close to a decade and has seen a wide array of clients and projects. We are constantly impressed with how he is able to approach unique and complex situations with a fresh perspective and achieve great results. We highly recommend him for any design scenario that aspires to excellence.” – Steve Thomas, Oneicity


“William Herod is a strong, collaborative designer who thinks strategically and always impresses us with his work. I recommend him enthusiastically.”– Craig Torstenbo, Masterworks


“We are extremely pleased with William Herod’s work. William has proven himself to be a highly professional, competent and experienced graphic designer. His understanding of the architectural process and his ability to communicate with our staff and clients was invaluable. His approach to design issues was both creative and practical.” – Wendy O’Connor, O’Connor Architects


“William Herod has been instrumental in helping our business delight more clients. He remains on our first-call list because the responsiveness, professionalism and creative quality of the work is excellent. Even with complex requirements, William makes it look easy. We rely on his ability to deliver high value solutions every time.”-Vic Lipsey, Venture Arts