CaféWell Concierge

IBM tapped Welltok, a pioneer in health optimization technologies, to leverage IBM Watson’s super-computing capabilities for its social health management app, CaféWell Concierge.

William Herod Design was contracted by Welltok to collaborate with the CaféWell Concierge team on developing the UXD as well as several marketing pieces.

“Rather than waiting until you get sick to head to the doctor, CaféWell Concierge always keeps track of your “personal health itinerary”… to offer up health help. If you’re traveling while on a specific diet, for example, it could automatically recommend restaurants near your hotel… Or it could remind you that it’s been too long since your last doctor’s appointment.”– Michelle Snyder, Welltok’s chief marketing officer.

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“It was an absolute pleasure and honor to work with Welltok’s stellar CaféWell Concierge team. I believe the product will be a game changer for the health industry “ – William Herod